CBGA travel offers exclusively eco-friendly and sustainable experiences and destinations that promise to deliver the adventure of a lifetime. We aim to both inspire and excite you with trips to some of the world wildest places. Each visit to a CBGA destination contributes to the protection and sustainability of that particular ecosystem, ensuring you do good while you travel.

During the course of the itinerary CBGA Groups encounter a range of different habitat; Florican Grasslands – Natural grassland and paddy on floodplain. Tmatboey – Deciduous dry dipteropcarp forest (DDF). DDF with pockets of mixed evergreen and forest trapaeng (pools). Bird watching is from the car, boat and on foot. CBGA has a couple of scopes, which it will try to allocate if the group has not brought one however in peak season they may have already been taken

The best time for birding in Cambodia is from late November to April.  Below are the single day trips from Siem Reap.

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